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pdf 2012-08-17_Document_1_Option_Explanations Popular

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2012-8-17 Document 1- Option Explanation.pdf

pdf 2012-08-17_Document_2_Option_Routes Popular

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2012-08-17 Document 2 -Alternative Routes.pdf

pdf 2012-08-17_Document_3_Option_Matrix Popular

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2012-8-17 Document 3-Options Matrix.pdf

pdf 2014-06-09_Accountant_Preliminary_IJDC_Application_for_Sewer_Collection_Project Popular

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Accountant Preliminary IJDC App for Sewer.pdf

pdf 2014-06-09_Administrator_Preliminary_IJDC_Application_for_Sewer_Collection_Project Popular

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Administrator Preliminary IJDC App for Sewer.pdf

pdf 2014-06-09_Engineering_Preliminary_IJDC_Application_for_Sewer_Collection_Project Popular

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Engineering Preliminary IJDC App for Sewer.pdf

pdf 2015-04-10_Revised_Preliminary_Engineering_Report_submitted_to_IJDC_for_Sewer_Transmission_Project Popular

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pdf 2015-06-05_IJDC_Pre_App_Appr Popular

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pdf 2015-11-01_JCPSD_Environmental_Report_for_Sewer_Transmission_Project Popular

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pdf 2015-11-01_JCPSD_Preliminary_Engineering_Report_for_Sewer_Transmission_Project Popular

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pdf 2015-12-28_Proposed_Project_Schedule Popular

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2015-12-28 Proposed Project Schedule.pdf

pdf 2015-12-29_RUS_form_SF_424D_Assurances-Construction_Programs Popular

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2015-12-29 funding app 2.pdf

pdf 2015-12-29_RUS_form_SF_424_Application_for_Federal_Assistance Popular

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2015-12-29 funding app 1.pdf

pdf 2016-01-05_Advertimement_Notice_of_Intent_to_file_RUS_Application Popular

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2016-1-5 advertimementRUS Notice of Intent to File Application.pdf

pdf 2016-02-01_Response_to_questions_from_2-1-16_public_meeting Popular

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pdf 2016-05-19_Jefferson_County_PSD_Wastewater_Improvements_Project_Facility_Plan Popular

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Jefferson County PSD Wastewater Improvements 5.19.16.pdf

pdf 2016-07-22_Jefferson_County_PSD_Wastewater_Improvement_Project_Facility_Plan_Revised Popular

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pdf 2016-10-07_JCPSD_Facility_Plan_Appendix_1-4_Part2 Popular

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App 1 through 4.pdf

pdf 2016-10-07_JCPSD_Facility_Plan_Appendix_13-25_Part4 Popular

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App 13 through 25.pdf

pdf 2016-10-07_JCPSD_Facility_Plan_Appendix_5-12_Part3 Popular

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App 5 through 12.pdf

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