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Annual Water Quality Report
In compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments, the District completes an Annual Water Quality Report. This report is sent to all the water customers of the District. You may download the report below.

Cavaland Annual Water Quality Report - 2016

Glen Haven Annual Water Quality Report - 2016


Source Water Assessement and Protection Plan
The Final Report of the Jefferscon County PSD Source Water Assessment and Protection (SWAP) report, dated August 2012, can be downloaded below. 

**These reports are currently in the process of being updated.  Please check back soon for the updated versions.

Cavaland Source Water Assessment and Protection Plan - 2012

Glen Haven Source Water Assessment and Protection Plan - 2012



Sanitary Survey
Sanitary Surveys for Cavaland were conducted by the Office of Environmental Services/Kearneysville District Office in March of 2014 and for Glen Haven in May of 2015. The surveys were performed in accordance with the requirements of the West Virginia Public Water Systems Legislative Rules. Data collected during the surveys are contained in the report's below of each system's physical facilities and operations.

Cavaland Sanitary Survey - 2014

Glen Haven Sanitary Survey - 2015



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